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Guillaume can offer many different types of folding, here are..

Guillaume can offer many different types of folding, here are some of the main types and their advantages, not forgetting there are other options too…


Simple fold

As its name suggests, simply fold once in half, or almost in half. Ideal for short, powerful communications.


Roll fold (or letter fold)

The paper folds on to itself, again and again. Using this method, you can have 2, 3, 4 or 5 panels revealed – more if you wish!
It’s a good idea not to go beyond 5 panels: the document can become a little cumbersome and your message risks being diluted.
The roll fold is very well suited to progressive discovery of your offer, using strong and distinct messages. Once fully unfolded, it gives a complete view of your offer.


Concertina fold (or zig-zag fold)

Sometimes called the “Z” fold. Different and original, it can be used to bring together several different offers, each having their own details or Ts & Cs on the reverse of their respective panels.


Double parallel fold (the economy fold)

Why economy? Well, because it’s easier to fold on the machines! This is well-suited to telling your audience more about your offers as opening the first fold shows a double page, then opening the next fold shows four inside pages. The double page for the headline offer, the 4 inner pages for more details?
Mmmm ... You decide!


Cross fold

This is another involving format, it is "folded in 4" with 2 folds forming a cross. It allows for unfolding in 2 stages, similar to the double parallel fold. The cross fold can be a great tool for delivering your messages in promotional work as it has a more traditional look (like a prospectus for the Latin scholars...).




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